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Iím sure that Iím just not searching under the right terms but I canít seem to get a clear idea of the whole molting process anywhere! I am a complete newbie when it comes to being a bird mom and am trying to educate myself as best as possible. I recently adopted a Green Cheek Conure that is approximately 4 months old. Iíve been noticing more and more pin feathers popping up every day (especially around the face and head) and the last few days it seems like Iím seeing more feathers at the bottom of the cage.

I guess specifically Iíd like to know:
1. How often should I expect her to molt?
2. How long does the molting process normally take?
3. Is there anything I can do to ease the process for her (extra baths, different nutrition, etc.)?
4. Any other molting advise is definitely welcome!

P.S.- Sorry if this has already been covered in another post!
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