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Microchipping Problems?

Just looking for microchipping reassurance as our little guy seems pretty unhappy after his procedure, story follows!

So we have a broken screen door in our condo in the room the bird is in (it shuts, but the lock doesnít engage). We are in Seattle and thereís been a crazy heat wave and no one has air conditioning so keeping the glass door shut isnít much of an option, and there isnít really another room to put him in that isnít a bedroom or the kitchen. We put a gate in front of it so the kids canít reach it.

To be extra safe, we decided to get him microchipped since he is not banded and if he gets out we wouldnít be able to ID him. This summer in particular has been crazy with lost and found birds due to the weather! We did it yesterday afternoon and it was hard to watch, and Iím not even phobic of needles! Heís a very little guy (4mo old and 71 g) and thatís a BIG THING to put in him. The vet used a local anesthetic and discharged us with out any particular instructions. She sealed the wound with silver nitrate and he seemed happy enough on the way home and was his usual loud self until his bedtime.

However, Heís been very quiet and mopey this morning. He did beep for his breakfast but then was alarmingly silent, and also we woke up really late (9am) and he did not make his usual protesting ruckus.

We called the vet and they said this is normal, but if heís not back to his usual self by Friday to call and theyíd see him Saturday.

Anyone else have experience with microchipping? Is this normal? I assume he must be pretty sore, and that flying and kicking up a fuss irritates his boo boo. Thanks in advance for any feedback, I should probably just enjoy the quiet while it lasts but I canít help but worry!
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