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Re: Microchipping Problems?

We are renting our unit, and the lock assembly is such that the entire door needs to be replaced. The company the management contracts out ordered a replacement and it came in damaged... at which point they were supposed to order another door but didn’t. We are in the extremely arduous process of getting them to actually do anything about it. In fact, the bent screen door is currently taking up a ridiculous amount of space in my hallway because Home Depot still hasn’t sent anyone to pick it up.

We had him chipped on the veterinarian’s recommendation. I didn’t know that it would be such an intense procedure. The staff acted as if it was very simple, safe and routine. He is acting fine now, but we are certainly keeping an eye on him.

Edited to add: We had always intended on chipping him as accidents happen and he is mostly flighted, and we didn’t plan on clipping in the future. The door issue made it a little more immediate, but the info I could find online was conflicting (BirdTricks has a post that says birds as small as 60g can be chipped safely) so I honestly did not know his age and/or size would be an issue - as I said our vet was comfortable with it. I had been given to understand that leg bands, since they can get caught on things etc, were somehow less safe?

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