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Shrinking flock

At its largest, my flock consisted of 10 birds. Two were pigeons, and one of those was temporary while he healed from an accident. One was a starling, and she passed away on Sunday in my hands. She was only 7.

As of now, we're down to four: a Quaker, a cockatiel, a budgie and Rocky 'Too.
A second Quaker moved in with a friend of mine a few weeks ago after she attacked my budgie and broke or bit off his upper beak. I wasn't there but she has picked on him in the past, so I knew it had to be her. He survived, and he's learned to eat and drink without it. I even have some hope that it will grow back because there's a little bit left. He's not in pain, though he must have been when it happened, but he's tough and he's still chirping and talking and flying around.
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