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Re: Skittles goes *you know where* tomorrow!

I'm gonna ask my vet today what they know about the place in Auburn. But I think you're right that the Gorham vets are the only ones in Maine. If there are any others, they'd be in the Bangor area. I did a search and the Gorham ones are the only ones I could find within a 100 mile range. There is another one in Portsmouth, NH but thats quite a ways away.

I had to take Peaches to the ER vet (different from the Auburn one) a long while back (before I got Skittles) because she had a night fright (tiels are known for those) and punctured her wing. They cleaned and bandaged her up and gave me some medicine for her but luckily I waited til I could contact Peaches reg. vet to make sure the dosage was right. It wasn't, but they fixed it.

That's really cool that you live in the surrounding area. I thought I was the only one from Maine here on the forums. lol.

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