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Re: New turquoise GCC EXTREMELY nippy

Quote: Originally Posted by Laurasea View Post
1-3 don't apply or are just myths.
4 t yes takes time , effort , patience to earn trust and bond with your bird. To learn the birds body language, for the bird to learn your bumbling human behavior.
When the bird looks like it is going to bite, stand up move to a different area, transfer to a play station or top of cage. Wait a few minutes and come back and see if you can interact again.
When ever you get bitten say no bite, and put back in cage
Remember birds, especially young ones need a break from constant attention, need breaks to eat often, and get some water. Sometimes you can iver stimulate them , or they can bite you to try and save you from ( if you have) other pets or people, or if they saw something scary outside. Also only let the head and neck, the rest of the bird is off limits. Use treats to bribe , but not to reward biting
Green cheecks can go through a nippy phase, but with paying attention to the birds mood, trust, ect you can get were bites ate a very rare. I'm of the bites are humans fault and you need to figure out what you are doing wrong philosophy.
I do think I might be pushing a bit too hard. Tonight he seemed a bit more chilled. I guess I need to give him more room for adaption.
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