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Hello everyone,, I have just adopted a goffin cockatoo that has some the pet store owner couldnt tell me much except that she was abandoned and believes she was used for breeding only. I am a sucker for saving animals!! I have 3 other birds as well. So she is a goffin cockatoo and does not trust ppl at all!!!!.. When I am able to get her out of the cage and go into a small room with me she will step up and kind of let me pet her head..but you can tell she is petrified.. I have been sitting next ot her cage and talking calmly to her.. putting my hand on the cage and just letting her get used to her surroundings.. she has pulled out most of her feathers,, took her to the vet to check for mites, lice etc.. was negative.. she was like that when I got her.. Anyways my question is does anyone have any insight on taming a female goffin cockatoo (approx. 2 years old) that was mistreated and used for breeding only?
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