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Re: Cockatoo

Welcome to you and your Goffins! They are magnificent parrots and by far my favorite. So much so I have a formerly bonded breeding pair and their three hand-fed offspring. Life with a family of 5 Goffins is sublime!

Superb advice above!! I can assure you she is keenly observing and processing her new environment. While her baseline may be wild, it is possible to alter behavior. The gateway for taming mine was sudden male aggression following 23 years in my home. She was permanently separated and lived solitary for about 6 months. I began to handle her and was never bitten. A few months later she was placed in a protected bird-room with two of her offspring, a TAG, M2, and Citron. All six acclimated and after a short time she was allowed to roam free and never caged.

She always had a sweet and mellow personality, thus a great candidate for taming. Hard to know the parallels with your Goffin, but my belief is they are highly intelligent and quite suitable for bonding. Proceed slowly, no faster than apparent progress. The two bond-forming links kindly posted by Ellie777Australia form an excellent basis. They are food motivated, so make bowls of treats/veggies/fruits; one for each of you. Begin eating from yours, bobbing your head and aurally expressing joy. They really are flock eaters, an excellent adjunct to earning trust.

Good luck, please keep us advised, share the successes!!
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