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Quiet and skittish yet tame-ish Derbyan

Hey everyone,

We are new here and going to jump right into the fray with a question about our new Derbyan.

We got her yesterday from a breeder/parrot rescue etc. They seem to be a bit of everything with parrots.

They said she used to be tame and sitting on a climbing tree with the other birds at the entrance of the store but that they switched them after a while and put her in a big cage with another Derbyan. Which was at the back of their parrot area where not alot of people come.

We immediatly felt sad for her and chose her. The breeder then went while we waited and he came back with her wings clipped and nails done etc. We didn't really want her clipped so that added up to her sadness =/

Now we put her in a smaller cage at the moment as we are getting our big cage today. We immediatly noticed her being very very quiet with her head bowed down. She isn't scared of our hands touching the cage from any side. But she doesnt want to be touched and didn't come out yet. And it looks like she didn't eat yet from when we got her to our house yesterday afternoon.

Does any of you have an idea what we could do to make her feel more calm and safe? It's so sad they neglected her after her being so tame before.

This is her btw:

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