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Re: Cockatiel smells like Lysol?

Quote: Originally Posted by Scott View Post
Certainly strange, anybody else live in or have access to your residence?

If not cleaning solution, might it be a metabolic process or disease?
I do have three other roommates that I all grilled for clues, but they've all been out for the long weekend so it was just me and the bird. The only other people with access to the apartment are the housing management, but they won't enter without our permission.

I got back too late to go to the vet today, so I administered charcoal powder in the meantime and will go to see them tomorrow if her condition worsens.

For now she is still pretty active, vocalizing, etc and I managed to finally dry out her feathers. She still smells like cleaning solution though, a very sharp and sweet, lemony scent.
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