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Please help with new cockatiel

Hello. I bought a new cockatiel from the local pet store (The parrot is completely untamed and scared of everything) and I am new to keeping a parrot as a pet, so I have a few questions regarding their behavior if anyone could answer them!

ē The cockatiel has not made one chirp since I bought it, it has not eaten anything noticeably (it pooped two times however) and has not drunk even the slightest of water. It has literally switched places in its cage only once in 36h+.

ē Iíve tried giving it small amounts of apple, banana, grapes other than the regular bird food (seeds, nuts) however the parrot panicked and started flapping its wings, and later didnít even bother to look into the plate and stayed on itís ďbranchĒ.

ē Half of the time the parrot leans itís neck and body forward and stays like that in a weird awkward position and the other half of the time it leans its neck to one side. Iím not sure if it is sad/lonely/depressed...

ē Iíve given the bird something to bite/chew on and some toys, however it doesnít react and just stays in one position and does absolutely nothing all day long.

ē I am not sure if the parrot is old (Iím not really sure if they sell old parrots however) if itís ill or just extremely scared. It is kept in my bedroom and I am most of the time by itís side, mostly quiet.

Can anyone help by answering the questions and telling me how to continue with the cockatiel? Thanks!
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