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Preparing Kiwi for the baby

Since itís already September (!) and our baby is due at the end of the year, itís probably a good time to start really thinking about what steps we should be taking to prepare Kiwi. Thankfully, heís a pretty hands off bird so I donít expect there to be much in the way of jealousy issues over us holding the baby more than him or anything. He doesnít want to be petted and held anyways, so as long as I make a (safe) spot for him in the babyís room to hang out while Iím in there, I think heíll be good. Iíve been setting him on the crib and getting him used to the idea and that heís welcome in that space too. I mean, I grew up with parrots, they sat on my crib and checked me out when I was a baby, I have no concerns about letting Kiwi do the same. Iíve also had him ride in the back seat of the car a few times, as thatís where heíll go once the baby comes because my car is so small it barely fits a car seat and heís going to have to ride in the back with the baby so I can get the baby in and out (2 door car).

I guess Iím just not really sure what else I should/can do? I mean, heís a bird. Itís not like we can explain to him whatís going on but I know he senses something is up
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