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Re: Preparing Kiwi for the baby

We’ve left the baby’s gender a surprise and we plan to wait to decide a name until it’s born because it feels a little weird to give someone a name without even seeing them first. We haven’t even really narrowed down our possible name lists yet lol. I have been telling Kiwi “this is the baby’s room, this is where the baby will sleep etc...”. He knows something is going on in there because he’s been in there while we’ve been setting stuff up. Maybe once the baby is here, I can transition that to “this is baby (name), this is baby (names) crib” or whatever for him. And yes, I do have the car seat, and just about everything else baby will need at this point. I don’t have anyone to throw me a baby shower so we’ve kind of been on our own getting everything.

Have to laugh at the doll idea. We got the baby a stuffed blue front. We have been petting it in front of him because he would never let us pet him. He gives the evil eye when we pet the other blue front. Im curious his reaction to a baby doll. I actually have been looking for a realistically sized doll or baby sized teddy bear or something. I am 100% baby inexperienced and so is my husband. We kinda need something to practice putting diapers on because neither one of us has ever changed a diaper before Kiwi also hasn’t ever spent significant amounts of time around kids/babies (that we know of), but the times he has been around them, he really hams it up and puts on a show. He seems to like small humans. We don’t know anyone else with kids though he could spend extra time with. Most of our friends and family our age don’t ever want kids and my cousins are all older then me and have teenage/adult children.
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