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Re: Is she okay?(spots on feathers)

Quote: Originally Posted by Laurasea View Post
How wonderful too see all these pics of your beautiful baby!!!! Careful though a hawk tried to take my bird, and I never saw it coming!!
She looks great, I'd get some veggies in her anyway it will only i.prove her feathers. Try a shallow casserole dish see if she will bathe in that,. My GCC always dunks get food in her bowl and I try to change it several times a day , but I think she puts a pellets in then decided to take baths ugh.
It's clear you love your baby! And it's great to always see if there is stuff you can do to make them even healthier!
Try sharing a salad with her, or some meals that bird safe, s little cooked pasta , cooked squash, cooked sweet potato, cooked oatmeal. It's fun to share and makes them more adventurous in trying new stuff...
GCC do seem to like fruit more than my Quakers, some good fruits are plums, raspberry, blackberries, pomegranate, strawberry, cherries, blueberries, all good, im not a fan of dried fruit..
i will say too she will try anything im eating/drinking and whenever i try to get her try new things i have to eat it or pretend to eat it first. my bring currently lives in the basment where me and my girlfriend spend most of our time. mostly because its the only pace she is safe from the dogs. would it be a good idea to try and use a UV since there isnt much natural lighting in this room.
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