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Re: Introduction

Welcome and be welcomed. I am sorry for the loss of you lil parakeet. I hope you take the time to really research the different species to find one that seems to fit your life - but remember each parrot is his/her own individual and many times a general comment about a species may not prove true for the individual. Africn Greys who never say a word, hot 3 Amazons who are *****cats, gregarious canary wing parakeets who seem to hate people. And all baby parrots will go thru puberty, which can seriously alter how they behave during and after - does that happen every time - no! But it does.

We advocate adoption, there are far more parrots than homes, and the adult parrot has passed thru puberty and their disposition is not likely to change much. But how ever you decide, we are glad you're here. Join the party!
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