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Re: Nervous to bring home new baby! Tips?

Quote: Originally Posted by stxrdust View Post
Quote: Originally Posted by Laurasea View Post
He may want you to cuddle him and reassure him, or he may want time to adjust to it all. Like Charmedbyekkie said follow his lead.
Congratulations! You must be so excited!!! I like Atlas and Merlin
Sorry you got scammed, can you share a bit of what happened do others can avoid? Only if you want to.
Hi North Dakota! You guys never seem to make the national news, so I'm always wondering what are they up to??
I'm really excited! Do you think I should make a whole post about the scam somewhere?
North Dakota never has anything of interest, honestly the most irrelevant state, I live in the middle of town and I'm 2 blocks from a corn field!
Sure make a new thread about scams, probably others have been scammed too.
I grew up in southern Illinois, we owned a corn field lol so I could hear corn grow
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