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Warning on cage grate that sit on top of rails

My female U2 was injured 2 days ago due to as she lifted the cage grate as she typically like to do it this time it somehow slammed on her and her beak also took some damage on the keratin outer-covering, thankfully missing her head, but she never stick her head completely though she uses her beak to move and toss it out of cage. I did wire tie it and even used stainless steel ties, but she always snap them off and still get grate removed. This time around it slammed down and she broke a bone and rupture her secondary air sac and her top keratin outer-covering on the top of her beak. She will recover fully thankfully as rush her to emergency vet.

This cage sure have never been designed like this to begin with. They use have had the grate go in-between the rails, not sit on top of it, as a large bird will just pick it up and toss it around. Avoid this cage King GC14022 for now as bad design, even before the injury always was a problem as my U2 want to go under to shred the paper she remove grate, since day one always had to wire tie it down to curb her from doing it, just didn't think it was dangerous till now.

Put her in a smaller cage as Doctor told me, so she could keep balance as she on medication, so only have my male U2 Cooper in there for now, but he doesn't go to grate at all. Will be replacing cage very soon.

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