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Re: Is this cage large enough and amazon online shopping recommendations

That looks suitable for a large parrot. Love the shape! Our cage is similar shaped and the “atrium” style top is a great place for our bird to roost at night. Our bird is also free range during the day. He is free to come and go as he pleases during all day, though he sleeps covered in his cage at night. That kind of trust to have a free range parrot takes time to build though

As for things on amazon, if you have food, toys, perches etc... provided for already, I suggest a bird backpack. They’re on the pricier side and might take your entire gift card, so if you need a lot of stuff, maybe not the best option, but if your just buying extras at this point, get a backpack! Seriously, it’s easier than a harness and taking your parrot out and about with you is one of the best things you can do for your bird. If you need the “basics”, I’d recommend getting toy making supplies for destructible toys (cheaper than ready made toys) and at least one or beginner acrylic foraging toys. Perch wise, get one cement perch, a perch long enough to span the entire cage and a few shorter perches. Try to get them in as varying widths and materials as possible. Birds feet need variety! Don’t wast your money on fancy sprouting mixes. You can get beans and seeds that will sprout in the bulk bins of your local grocer for way cheaper. Same goes for cooking mixes, nuts or anything else that can be bought at the grocery store in bulk. Mason jars with mesh cut to fit under the band work fine to sprout in, so no need for fancy sprouted either. A cheap dehydrator, on the other hand, can be extremely nice as store bought dehydrated fruits and veggies usually aren’t bird safe but most birds love dehydrated foods and you have to buy pricey versions at the health food store or can dehydrate your own for cheap.
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