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Re: Is this cage large enough and amazon online shopping recommendations

Quote: Originally Posted by picklesandjesse View Post
Get the largest cage that you can afford. Our bird Sonny does not even have a cage, I built him a house that he sleeps in with a soft cloth on the bottom, he lays down and sleeps in it a couple of hours after dark. The rest of the time he is free to fly around the house, Mostly he goes back to poop on his perch near his house or on a perch where he can sit in a window and see outside. For car trips he has a perch between the front seats and an Aviator harness to go shopping etc. He can now lay on his back and do a " dead bird " for strangers as they hold him cupped in their hands. The last week he has learnt to be able to be thrown from one hand to the other while pretending to be dead. He flies outside with the wild birds each afternoon for about 30 minutes and is now considered one of the locals by magpies, galahs and corellas around here. Amazing bird !!!! The toys he likes the best are very large plastic balls with rattles in them. He chases them all around the floor and hangs from them if they are on rope. They seem to last about a month before he destroys them so you need a few. Never use very fine line to hang toys from as it could get caught around his neck or wings.
Could you post a picture of the house you built? What wood did you use? Is it pre- treated?
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