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Need tips on having to trim Cockatiels nails?

With the cockatiels it always stressful for me and them to have to trim their nails and usually just let the vet do them, or have a lady that I pay to cut their nails for me. Last time I tried I didn't cut to much as stop before the quick and only cut below it, as was very careful only one nail bleed a little, used a people nail clipper to do them, but Fiesco and Pepper had a hard time for the first couple days climbing bars of cage and they ended up resorting to flying to perch instead, so felt bad as knew I must have did something wrong, maybe not at proper angle? So just ended up after that paying other people to do them for me after that.

The issue is trying to figure out a better way to do their nails. Due to them being smaller size can't use a Dremel, or emery board, like I do with the larger birds and larger birds usually will put foot out and don't have to restrain them. Vet as well use a people clipper to cut cockatiels nails, but wonder if a better option for trimming them? Plus they hate nails being cut, so requires 2 people one to restrain them, while other cut the nails. I tried concrete perches and swings, but they don't do much to wear down the nails, it buys about a extra couple of weeks of time if that, they do go on them. The issue is they are out when at home, so concrete perches are of limited use and they sleep on the wooden perches mostly.

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