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Re: The High Road of Adventure

Object lesson for those who dream of doing this "professional tourist" thing as a career, here is how this morning is developing.

0600CT reveille, out of the rack, cold this morning and the half mile walk across the lot to the latrine was brisk to say the least. Personal hygiene and dishes conducted, return to truck, wake up birds, fresh food and water.

0645CT begin pre trip inspection, ensure proper tire inflation and tread depth, ensure all lights and markers are functioning as designed, test air brakes, air horns, ensure presence of emergency equipment, test all belts, fluid levels and visible hoses/motor components for safety, log starts today at 0645, on the road by 0700, approximately a 1 hour trip from the truck stop to my delivery, upon finding the appropriate entrance (second one, new building under construction with no signage to indicate which, entry off a busy road) I manage to get into the construction area to be unloaded, at 0800 I have still been treated as though I am a carrier of the bubonic plague and no on site personnel want anything to do with this load, it's always "someone else's stuff" and phone calls begin, approximately 1 hour of phone tag ensues and I finally get ahold of the woman in charge of getting trucks unloaded, let's call her Lisa, I am informed that this load was not supposed to ship until tomorrow at the earliest, and that they will try to find time to unload me today, but it might not be until tomorrow or possibly Wednesday.

Side note, these types of delays are relatively frequent, and as the more observant will recall, I have a load scheduled in Russellville Arkansas tomorrow, and a 350ish mile deadhead to get there, we are beginning to have a serious complication on timelines.

Around 1000 hours I am called by the broker and informed that this delay is not going to be paid for by either shipper or receiver and that there is nothing that can be done to speed this up, as it is out of their control. I really am not looking forward to potentially living in a parking lot for 2 days, pretty sure I am better than that lol...maybe McDonald's is hiring.

It's not all roses and sight seeing out here, hopefully the delay will be relatively short, in the meantime, I am feeling like it is playtime for the birds, of course Belle is more interested in her mid day snooze, it's hard work being that good looking let me tell ya, Beau is chatting up a storm with me and I believe he is in full agreement with the condition of the daily developments.
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