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Re: OMGOSH you guys won't believe this !!

Quote: Originally Posted by Laurasea View Post
I've seen so many parrots posted on Craigslist that are indeed livingike that...

I used to work a pet amnesty day, where people could give up their exotic pets, without judgement ( we judged on the inside though) and without legal.

We just wanted them saved. And I urge anyone who has a parrot they can't care for , who has let things get bad, please give them up. Someone can and wants to help.

The worst case I worked was a Nanday Conure. The couple had gotten a divorce. The husband cheated and in revenge the wife kept the bird. The wife was scared if it and either stuck it in a closet or a back bedroom. She was afraid to even feed it. She had it for a couple of years and wanted to give it up. They don't have to tell us anything, that's what she volunteered, and we can't ask questions....

The bird was a living skeleton, plucjed bald except for head, and self mutilation, with a sever infection. And completely insane.... The Nanday was not expected to live, and euthanized was discussed.. myself and the vet advocated that he deserved a chance, a lot of red tape later I took him home. We had to give him mood altering drugs, antibiotic, special feeding.... But I saved him with the help of the vet. Six months later he was not mutilating, over the infection, normal weight, he let his tail and flight feathers grow back... But legally I had to let him go to the adopor they found. I gave her my contact info and said if it didn't work out I would take the bird back... I never heard from her again and sure hope things worked out I've never forgotten him "Jax" !!!!
Anyway I hope you find your bird, I'm all for saving Craigslist birds, they need us too.
Oh God how heartbreaking!! This thread is making me cry! The one bright spot in this is the goodness of the others her on ParrotForums. Thank you for being such angels!
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