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Re: He's getting leaner, should I worry?

Worth every cent indeed.

Also, always a good time to ask for tips about food, treats... I admitted we sometimes give him a small piece of spaghetti, or a tiny bit of cheese or (cannibal alert) a bit of chicken.

Apparently, all good, of course, all in tiny doses. I told them: look, I weigh 100kg (6'7"), he's say 200 grams for ease of math; that means if I give him something, it's the equivalent of me eating 500 times that (!).

So half a strand of spaghetti is 250 strands for me. That would kill me LOL. And yeah, usually they are messy eaters. Well, not with spaghetti or other carbohydrates. Every molecule gets swallowed. It's a miracle he can still fly heheh.

OTOH their resting heart rate is ridiculous (couple of hundreds, don't remember at hand), so they need a lot of energy too.

Yes, I will do the weighing, put it in the routine. Now that the cat is gone, I have a lot more time to let him out without worrying (I didn't THINK the cat would do something, but cats are cats, nature is nature...), so making a stand on a scale that he can sit on for fun is a good idea.

Just to be clear: I'm usually not worried too soon. I observe a lot, a love watching their behavior (or their interaction with the world, the other pets etc). I usually *know* when something's off. This time, it may have been because of the cat situation that my spider senses were off.

Anyway: the vet said: yes (I'm Belgian, remember - we invented them, not the French ), a small fry is OK too. I always thought potatoes could potentially be poisonous, but a small piece of a fry (we air fry BTW) is OK.

Tried it yesterday immediately when I came home. He took it like always with "new" food: in his paw, looking at it, "sniffing", as if to say "hey, boss, what's this, are you sure?". Tasted it. Hmmmm. Tasted it again... chomp chomp, he ate it very slowly, then faster, but without spilling a morsel.

Usually when he doesn't like something (which is lots, especially green stuff...), he drop-kicks it back into the living room.
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