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Re: Can our birds get sick from us?

Quote: Originally Posted by MeganMango View Post
I had swine flu too, I wanted to die. The neighborhood cat came into our house and slept with me for about a week. We couldnt let him leave after that. He seemed to know I was sick. My fiance was on his way in the house and the cat just marched in and walked right up to my bedroom. He waited at the end of my bed while I was in the hospital too. My brother adopted him.
It seems to me that cats really feel when a person is sick and there is no point in chasing them away from themselves. Especially if it is a cold that is not dangerous for animals.

And about parrots I was also always interested in this question. Here I also read a lot of useful information, but again the opinions here were divided into 2 camps. But I never risked the health of my parrots and just had less contact with them when I was sick.
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