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Re: Introducing Kira

good suggestion of the peanut oil Since she is a peanut junkie that might work . I made her egg and rice this am and gave her some organic frozen berries ( thawed ) she has not touched them . I steam some veggies try that . Everything is so new for her . She was trying to take a bath in her water bowl . Colby had a big ceramic dog bowl I used to put out for him or a nice spray he sure loved that . I need to go slow she will get her own tubby bowl . She is defiantly not as spooky as I thought she would be . I know some CAG can really freak out with new stuff and you gotta take it oh so slow . By the way she seems to like Elvis That's my girl !! I am a Elvis fan . I got music playing most of the day sure hope she not picking up my singing voice hahaha
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