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Re: parrot flying exercises - outdoors?

Quite a but that involve. First thing you want to make sure is your parrot is fully recall trained and will come back to you on command indoors, I whistle as can be heard from far away, before attempting to do outside training. Then you have to descent train your bird indoors on something high up and in a large area. They have to learn how to land as flying is the easy part, landing off something high not so much and they have to get over that fear. Then you have to train your bird to get use to loud noises as door slamming, use to surrounding, kids, cars and motor cycle noise and outside noises in general. If your bird gets scared easy, flying outdoor then is not recommended as they will get lost.

As far as exercises I would first get your bird to a Avian vet and have them check out as you don't want your bird to have a heart attack. You have to take it slow and let them built up organs and muscles necessary for flight. This can take months to a year and depending on your bird heart condition and muscles mainly, it may not be recommended to let your bird fly. They also have to learn how to fly against the wind and that take why more energy. As far as exercise I use two training stands and had them fly back and forth spreading the stands apart more and more as time when by. Then I had them fly around the house, or like Cooper like to do in a circle, so they can learn how to control direction and etc. It is also important to harness train your bird, so when your in public, or don't want them to fly off as my female U2 use to tend to do, but she fully free flight train, but even then in public places don't want her just flying off due to risks. So I harness train her as I did all my birds. They know directions and etc better then I do at times and very well socialized, but for liability reasons and unknown traffic I don't take a chance in public.

Then Birds of prey, yes hawks in area are known to swoop down and chase, or grab a bird. So have to know your area if it going to be safe and depending on size of bird as smaller birds are easy prey and you don't want your bird to become lunch. Even a risk when bird outside in a cage as seen hawks get into cages as well. Then you have other people that might steal your bird.

Yes free flying come with risks you may lose your bird, so be careful and not recommended for most. I dealt with plenty of rescue parrots and trained hawks and raptors over the years, so have experience way more involve then I even had time to write and yes seen a lot of people lose their birds over the years as well.

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