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Re: He's getting leaner, should I worry?

Quote: Originally Posted by bill_e View Post
I will also say that when I think she's lost weight she hasn't and when I think she's gained she hasn't...feathers can be deceiving.

Had to ponder over this. Any reason why this happens? I would have sworn on my firstborn so to speak.

I watched him like a hawk for a while now and it changes from day to day, hour to hour sometimes. And I don't mean the "fluffing up" they do where it's like they are inflated and about to explode; that's something he often does when he is jealous and wants my full attention (dog walking by, wife saing hello...). Just the feathers very stiff/sleek vs "normal" stuff.

But yes, scale, working on a contraption as we speak. With him it's always about finding a "technique" that works, and then he does it every time.
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