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Re: November 2019 POTM Contest

Quote: Originally Posted by tfw View Post
When we first brought Kass home, despite the year long research and searching for the perfect breeder, I had a moment of "Uh-oh...I think I made a mistake getting such a large bird as our first bird!" because only my husband could get him out of the cage we brought him home in. Fast forward to a week later, and I caught him falling asleep on his gym. It's not the best video of him but it was certainly the first time we knew he was comfortable enough around us to fall asleep and be vulnerable.

Wasn't sure how to embed this video from flickr, but if you click the image you can view the video.

What a sweet video! It definitely shows how comfortable Kass was feeling, I love it

I believe only Youtube videos can be embedded here, but will add for people to click the image in the poll thread so no one misses out on seeing this precious video

Quote: Originally Posted by Rival_of_the_Rickeybird View Post
Alrighty I'm finally ready to serve up my entry. The time stamp tells me that the end of the New Mexico era was officially in July of '97. Next stop, Cleveland.
What a perfect entry, Kirby! I love this picture of Gail & the Rb, and it really shows how many years of wonderful memories have been made together.

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