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Winston 屁撚, the Eclectus. 屁撚 (pi-nian) came from Pinion (Psalms 64, meaning flight feather, typifying God's soaring power.)
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How much would you pay for a rehome bird?

Hi guys,
I have encountered a perfectly healthy male Eclectus who is in need of a home. He is 9 years old, just the right age that I’m hoping for. Still young but past teenage days. He is very socialized, diaper trained (like of like a flightsuit), and vet proved healthy. He is even on a good diet. He is staying at a very reputable parrot shop/breeder for now. But the rehoming family is asking for almost 3k.
I am tempted, but I don’t know if I should. Plus, I am scheduled to leave the country during Christmas. If I pull the trigger, I will have to scramble to find a pet sitter.
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