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Re: The High Road of Adventure

Figured I would give you guys an update, been busy as a one legged man in an ass kicking contest, due in large part to the new guitar I bought...if I'm not working or playing with the birdies, I am invariably playing this sweet new machine, gotta get an amp on the truck, but it's nice to have the option for an electric or acoustic onboard now.

The birds are getting rather forward of late, demanding freedom at every full stop and giving me the stink eye when we have to go back to work. We are continuing to explore larger areas of the truck, and both birds are continuing to become more comfortable with hanging out on/with me, we all sat in the drivers seat last night and watched the other trucks go zooming by and parking last night. Belle has begun to display a bit of possessiveness about time with dad, she really doesn't like Beau having one on one time with me, and she will either come down to perch next to him, or run him off if she sees him on my hands.

As to the grand adventure side, we have been in the Dakotas, Illinois, Iowa, and Wisconsin/Minnesota the last week or so, weather is getting very cold, dropping into the low 30's high 20's fairly regularly, it's gonna be a doozy this year I think...for now we are loading a run to Rugby ND this afternoon for a Monday morning delivery, then a load of brick that heads to Sioux Falls for a Wednesday delivery...haven't decided whether or not to stop in Fargo or not for the weekend, but if I don't I will be unlikely to have internet until Monday or Tuesday
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