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Re: Timmy crossed over the Rainbow Bridge last night.

The tragedy of adopting rescue birds is that they almost always come with baggage. Many are sick, or have unknown genetic issues, or may be far older than we think.

In the past 6 months I have lost 5 of my birds. In every case, they were happily chirping & squawking away, eating, pooping, playing etc. and then a short time later they were gone.

It's heartbreaking, but what's worse is that when it happens often enough, we start to lose our sense of loss. I suspect it's our mind's way of stealing ourselves against the frequent, abiding pain of loss.

Just a few days ago, I lost a pair of Lovebirds. Yes, they were old, but it still hurts. They were a mated pair for many years. I found the two spooned together at the bottom of the cage when I got home from work. She had obviously died many hours before as she was cold & rigor had set in. He was still slightly warm, and still loose, so it's clear that when she passed he laid down & cuddled up to her....and died, hours later.

Who could NOT be moved by that??

For my part, I'm not taking any more rescues in. The pain is too great, the loss too frequent. The graveyard of little graves in my yard is completely full, and has been watered with my tears for too long. I'm too old myself to carry on this way.

Kudos to those young enough to pick up the torch and carry on. Your efforts are solid gold, and the world of parrots needs you desperately.
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