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Re: Timmy crossed over the Rainbow Bridge last night.

Over the many years and the many Amazons that have made their spaces in my heart. Each had made a special place for yet another. In my younger years it was comforting. Like you, at this point in my life Amazon Hill has more markers than open spaces and time has allowed me to smile far more than in the past. To remember good moments.

But of late, the fingers are less willing to accept the bites common with a new member and the want for my current overlord to live at least as long as I have become common. A life time of opening our home and hearts to the 'Yesterdays Trash' of others. Those older Amazons, seriously ill, abused and with no want to ever trust another Human. Those rescues that no one wants!

I understand your heartaches. I understand your pain. I understand the darkness of loss. The reality that I have come to is that one never gets past the deep pain of the loss. Yes, the new arrival steals time and busies itself opening a new space in our heart, and that helps. But it never eliminates the remembrances, and that defines us as Loving Companions.

The greater the number of those who have crossed-over Rainbow Bridge, I have come to see as the likely larger the gathering when it is my turn. I find as I age, I am more interested in bring to others the Love that I have been blessed with from our many Amazons, Family and Friends who have past. It is worth the suffering of the Losses to have provide and received Love. It may seen such a tiny thing, but to not have those memories, in my belief would be an empty life.

In each Morning's early light; there is a promise, an Amazon makes!
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