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Re: Nature versus Nurture?

I also do think that if that bird was around other birds that it could have something to do with it. Yes, nature plays a role, but...take this example: A single child is much less likely to be a bully than a group of 3 or 4 (A. their behavior can fuel behavior in others, B. it's less risky to take risks in a group, and C. less support is needed when you feel like you already have a "pack"). Also, if his brother was housed with other birds, it is possible that it bonded with them and is showing aggression due to hormones and their influence/less bonded with humans...
BUT puberty and birds= not fun in general, PLUS, I do believe it may be their breeding season right now, so that could explain Cairo's issue.

When I first got Noodles, she was VERY different but it had a lot to do with so many things. If you had met her at that time, you would have thought she was way more aggressive and less social than she is now. Currently she is a tad hormonal so she is way less calm than she normally would be (won't settle, very needy, saying come'ere all the time)....Which is normal, but this is like a lot more amplified. I think hers is seasonal.

If I am not mistaken, 1 Y.O is around the time when Eclectus parrots become hormonal, so "one-year-old and already biting" is like "17 years old and already sassing parents over the car".

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