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Re: Nature versus Nurture?

The fox experiment primarily tied domestication and temperament breeding to androgens, and proving that coat color comes with the package. Essentially highlighting the extent to which androgens influence more than Just libido

This is why I squarely agree with Scott here. It’s predominantly nature. There’s a statistic I read online (take it for what it’s worth) that any given bird is no more than 2 generations removed from the wild. We can simulate positive temperament with habituation/taking advantage of natural imprinting processes (hand feeding) and positive reinforcement. But it’s just that, learned behavior. They can easily revert once mistreated.

The plasticity and amenability to temperament breeding will vary from one species to another. dogs and cats in point: both have been domesticated for thousands of years, but cats are far closer to feral and unpredictable than dogs are. We get so picky about dog breeding, breeders will deem a female unsuitable for breeding if she gets aggressive with her owner around her newborn litter.

We just haven’t gotten there with parrots yet. Would be fascinating to see what the result would be if we could mimic the fox experiment in parrots. But My gut says you’ll only get so far, similar to cats.
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