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Re: Nature versus Nurture?

There was a science study that finally admitted that animals have personality traits. They traked traits like agression, fearful, curious , and freindly. Some of this is indeed hard wired into Genetics. Ensuring species survival in changing environments when one of the personality traits might prove valuable.

The study mention that genetic diversity was being lost in the limited captive zoo Gene pool as agressive animals weren't being bred. At the time they weren't breeding for less agressive animals, rather agressive hard to deal with animals just got shipped to zoos as display animals. For example if five cheetah Cubs were born , the agressive one was just choose by the keepers as the one sent on. There is a species survival plan for all captive animals and careful breeding records are kept, but only a few from each litter are kept to continue on that line . I don't know if I'm explaing it well..... But over time the zoo animals are kind of becoming domesticated to some extent because those traits were easier to manage in a breeding program.

But you can't select for one trait, as other Genetics are linked , or tag along for the ride. For example it's generally excepted that blue quakers are smaller than other color quakers. That holds true for mine, my blue guy is the smallest !

Silversage has mentioned in her Avairy thread that she is breeding for more tameable ringnecks. She has one pair that keeps producing less tame babies and said she was going to repare them

So yes I think genitecs play a role. And yes I also think the nuture part plays a role as well. Like you might have a tendency to be a brat, but if things like good food, good activity, good freinds, you are less likely to express your bratty self.
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