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Few parrots IUCN status update

Today I read about update status of six parrots:
  • Echo parakeet - vulnerable (VU)

This is the last parrot species which still lives in Mascarane. All other ones are extinct and this is a miracle that echo parakeets survived. In 1986 there were known only 10-12 these parrots. Hopefully this number increases. In 2008 were 362 echo parakeets.
  • Blue-fronted amazon - near threatened (NT)
  • Imperial amazon - critically endangered (CR)
Previous year hurricane destroyed population of imperial amazons.
  • Spix's macaw - extinct in the wild (EW)
They have been extinct in the wild since 2000 but there were a chance to find the last population. Now we are sure - all Spix's macaws are only in capitive. They will probably be release in few years
  • Blue-eared lory - near threatened (NT)
  • Wallace's hanging parrot - vulnerable (VU)
Green color means good changes, red - bad changes
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