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None. My wife has one too many. Kidding!
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Re: HAPPY NEW YEAR... 2020... from the Rickeybird!

I was also asleep at about 11, minus the Patagonian nose beasts. I do always have a Patagonian NOISE beast, of course.
Plus the missus awakened me now and then throughout the night with some hoots and chants about the "price of heaven" or similar................... i presume, referring to putting up with her bird in order to enjoy her company.......................
Oh wait, maybe it was this, see below. Thanks, LaManukaMartina, it really is a great tune.
Anyway, she is asleep at last, and 2020 is safely chimed in.
Good night, Rickeybird, and 2019.
Rival out.
Welcome to my world. Hey, I love my lady, my lady loves the bird, so I love the... my lady.
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