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Re: Can we start a "trolling" section?

I can fully understand the want to launch an attack on the Trolls, Spammers and General Evil Doers of this less than perfect World. After all why should individuals spend their time setting their traps and than busy themselves feasting on their victims! Why Not Attack them where they launch their ugly attacks from when they get catch Red Handed. Why Not Highlight Them, Open Them to the ugly they inflict upon others.

Well as stated above so very clearly, that is not what Parrot Forum is founded around, what it 'we' celebrate and enjoy most in life -- our Parrots.

Our Mod Team works endlessly to keep those individuals from laying in here, and if one does they are found and quickly sent away...

None of this likely consoles your pain from a reverse attack from such a creep. My heart goes out to you as there is no joy in the sickness they heap upon those that spot them for what they are.

In my very limited knowledge of the sites you visit, and excuse me if I'm way off, do they not have means and methods of reporting such person attacks? With what little I know of those groups and likely one of the reason I fully avoid them is that it is not very functional.

FYI: And, you likely know this -- most all Email Systems can with easy Block such emails or at the Minimum place them in your Junk Folder. Commonly, one leaves such emails in the Junk Folder for 24 hours and then Trash them. This actions commonly sets that email as Blocked and a reverse message is sent to the Sender.

FYI: Always 'Clear' your Browser History after each use prior to shutting it down as it greatly reduces spiders and other tracking systems from getting an alert when you start your Browner. Also, clear your Email Trash Folder at least once each day, more often if you think about it.

Again, sorry for what you are enduring!

In each Morning's early light; there is a promise, an Amazon makes!

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