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Re: Need Help on hanging Bird Cage

To be absolutely honest, in my own personal opinion, cats and birds DO NOT belong in a shared space. We have 3 cats, 4 budgies, 2 leopard geckos, 10 hermit crabs, and a brand new cockatiel as of yesterday. We have the birds in rooms the cats cannot access for the birds safety. We have safety protocols in place so there is as close to 0% chance as humanly possible that the cats can get into those rooms. To the point that when the cages are open the cats are IN THE BASEMENT. Every time. Even if itís just to change soiled water. Cat scratch fever is a thing and itís DEADLY to birds, not including the possible blood loss from a single scratch (budgies donít have much blood to lose due to such a small body size) plus the added stress of living with predators in the same space. Litter boxes are also a potential hazard because they harbor bacteria that birds should not be exposed to.

With enough motivation, unless your cats are declawed, cats have the ability to climb walls. Literally. I know this because I have 1 cat that likes to climb the walls, jump down and do it again. I have cathedral ceilings in the living room and Oreo will climb to the top, jump down and do it again, and again, and again. My ceilings are 16 feet tall in the living room. Oreo climbs TO THE TOP.

So your talking about a pretty good sized renovation to even possibly make it safe for the birds. Itís not impossible, but itís not something the average landlord is going to be okay with.

If your purchasing the apartment then thatís a different story, but still a large undertaking, and something that could effect the sale value when you do eventually decide to sell.

Itís easier, more cost effective, and safer to keep them separated.

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