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Re: A more compassionate approach to Pet owners from the "Non West"

Quote: Originally Posted by SailBoat View Post
Well, I will accept the stoning! As I fully disagree with reopening the Thread in question.

I was the first to respond to the OP as the Thread had seat for three hours prior to my response. And, I reported myself to the Mod Team upon completion of my Post as I believed that the Thread would not inspirer loving and supporting comment as I found it very difficult to control my own deep feelings regarding the release and had cut-out, re-written and made vast changes to what I had provided. Hence, I believed that others may find it equally as difficult to respond without expressing their personal heartache.

I know that I would have bulled though, climbed over, and took whatever measured possible to return my Amazon to a safe place if I had accidentally caused the release... As I hold in my heart the deep pain others members here felt when their sweet parrots disappeared before their very eyes...

I have read the Thread, now multiple times, and although I find where members had expressed their deep heartaches and disbelief regarding the release, I did not find where any member expressing 'Hate or in any way where they became Haters.'

Maybe it's just my vantage point, but with every member Post, I witnessed a response from the OP that was ever more precise in the use of the English Language, ever more pointed in defining members as 'Haters.'

Regarding driving off individuals who live in areas where Avian Medical support is greatly limited. I find it most common when the OP fails to provide any indication of of what part of this vast planet they are located, not ever a region. Yet, request that members provide Vet level support. Regarding, members referring the OP to seek the services of a Certified Avian Vet (CAV)... I will take full responsibility for that definition as I had activity pushed members to seek out the services of a CAV first! I to this day fully support that view point, all be it, I am now use the term Avian Professional (AP) as CAV's are still rare away from major cities...

And again, I'm willing to take the stoning. I will assure you that it will not be the first time, nor will it be the last I have taken such disagreements with my positions.

* I fully agree with Scott's and the Mod Teams position regarding taking down that Thread as it had run it full measure.
* I fully agree with the members who expressed their deep heartache to the acts take by the OP who's action flirted with Animal Abuse.
* I can understand the emotional drivers of depression, but in the end, as Humans, and especially as Adult, we are responsible for our actions...

That thread sat for so long, I think, because we were in shock over what had happened! I was afraid of my response, and waited to see what was going to happen!
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