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Re: A more compassionate approach to Pet owners from the "Non West"

Quote: Originally Posted by Betrisher View Post
Perhaps a quick fix might be to rewrite some of the most important stickies in very simple English that could be understood by an ESL person (English as a Second Language)? Pictures of cages suitable for various species would be helpful (cages are *not* easy to come by in SE Asia and when they are, they're usually just big enough for a budgie). Pictures of food and seed mixes might be helpful as well. Pictures of home-made toys and feeders and drinking stations. The absence of CAVs is a problem, but perhaps a register of vets and/or university departments where help might be sought could be useful?
If you want to join forces and, with moderator approval, rewrite the stickies and include pictures/sizes of cages, pictures/multi-named foods, etc... I'm all for helping out and contributing. Am quite used to googling local food names (though only the names common to Msia/Spore) to find Western names for them And I'm very used to remote collaboration, so it wouldn't be a hassle at all.
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