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Re: A more compassionate approach to Pet owners from the "Non West"

Let me just boil things back down to their basics, as the complexities of cultural perspectives seem to have muddied the waters on something that is far more basic and simple than this conversation would suggest.

The original premise of this thread was to contest the mod decision of closing the thread in question, yes? End of the day, it all boils down to that. Now, many points have been made since then advocating a need for greater patience with members who might hail from countries with different views and perspectives as regards the keeping of pets in general and birds specifically. And these points, generally speaking, are not without merit. Cardinal, among others, is absolutely correct when saying that we have to sometimes extend more patience than we might otherwise for the sake of the bird. You might be surprised to learn how often such discussions take place behind the scenes in the Mod Forum.

Because we feel the same way.

"Then great," some of you might be saying. "Why haven't they reversed their decision and reopened the thread, yet?" The answer, quite simply, is that those very lucid and well thought out points ranging from increased patience to cultural sensitivity have nothing to do with the reasoning behind the shutting down of the thread. The thread was shut down because it had become combative. It had devolved into the OP vs members who disagreed with his decision. Now, while I may personally disagree with the assessment that the OP of that thread made a decision based on culturally skewed perspectives, that does not factor into a discussion about the closure of the thread. The thread was no longer constructive, and was veering toward the OP being beaten over the head with what he'd done in releasing his bird to the wild. In short, the decision was largely for his protection and to prevent the further erosion of his relationship with this forum.

Remember, the OP has not been silenced. He is free to post whenever he'd like. But if a thread is no longer serving a constructive purpose, if it has become combative rather than positive and uplifting, we're going to shut it down. So, to reiterate, the thread was not closed out of lack of tolerance for the member's position or cultural perspective. It was closed due to an increasingly negative trend in its direction. Every other discussion here has been largely academic, and while valuable in their own rite, are simply not germane to the question of why the thread was closed in the first place.
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