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Is my bird grieving?

So I posted a few days ago that one of my parrotlets died at the emergency room, and since I've been home and interacting with my other parrotlet (she's my only bird now), I've noticed she's been biting me more. I can tell that she's also molting it looks like, but I was wondering if it could also be grieving? I remember the first day I had her out after her sister died, she kept looking around and chirping for my other one. They were really close to each other and never wanted anything to do with me when they were together. They were only a year apart and didn't like each other at first, but they ended up being best friends most of the time. It was really cute (sometimes I was like "what about me" haha. I loved them though. So so much.) So I was just wondering if anyone knows if parrots that are grieving can become more aggressive? She sees the vet on Thursday, so I know I can ask him, but I'm just curious if anyone knows anything.
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