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4 Cockatiels 2 males Chicken Little & Charlie, 2 Females Chiquita and Sweet pea. Yellow Sided Green Cheek Conure -Franklin and our now tame, rescued feral Pigeon - Belle.
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Re: Tiki's with me most of the day..............

I thought the same thing about loosing the bond when we got our I had no desire to get another bird...and prior to Chiquita, I had owned ONE male tiel and never got him a companion. I read on the internet and some people say getting another bird ruins the bond, others say, the bond doesn't change as long as you still spend time with your bird.

Well then, one night at the pet store, we felt sorry for and therefore, purchased another tiel...Chicken Little AND THEN...Franklin (our conure) BEGGED us to take him home 2 months we did. And in 4 months we went from ZERO birds to 3!

I think we've found a very happy medium with our 3 birds. They each have their own cage and are in the same room, it's quite nice because we can walk up to each cage and talk specifically to each bird and they know it!

Our male tiel, Chicken Little talks up a storm and is learning new phrases and words every week. Our Female tiel, Chiquita is soo sweet and I envision her having long black eye lashes that she'd be batting at my husband every time he enters the room...oh she's such a flirt and loves him to pieces! And Franklin...he's our clown and he's learning to speak from Chicken Little

Our routine is to let them all 3 out together to play and have their "treat walkabout" time in the evening and they LOVE that! Usually our conure just wants to climb all over us and practice his acrobatic skills and our tiels, when they are done "forraging" love to quietly sit on our shoulders and preen us and themselves to their hearts content.

Then when they are ready for bed, our tiels will look toward their cage and chirp a little bit and I say, are you ready for bed? And they hop up on our finger one by one, I put them on the door of their cage and they happily walk in and go to bed.

I think that keeping them in separate cages really helps keep them from getting overly bonded together and it helps us to be able to treat each bird as their own individual that they are.

We don't feel bad if we have to leave them all day long, because we know that they have each other to "talk" to. Our tiel's are especially funny as they'll copy each other, if one is on their swing, the other goes to the swing, if it's preening time, eating time or bell ringing time they tend to do it in unison. And our conure...he beats to his own drum and does his own thing all day long!

We couldn't love having our 3 birds more and life would be so boring without them.

Good luck with what ever you decide to do.

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