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Unhappy Rescue indian ring neck wont stop screaming help!

I adopted a 6 year old male indian ring neck named pluto who has had a rough life so far. His first home was a parrot hoarding situation where he was likely also abused, when he was 1 my sister in law bought him and since then he has been in her spare room with a quaker. In those 5 years he had very little handling or human interaction except to change his food and water. My partner and myself already had 2 cockatiels and asked my sister in law if she would consider giving him to us and now we have had him for 2 months. His cage is now in our lounge/dining area with our other birds and he has plenty of toys and interaction. He's made a lot of progress in some ways such as learning to step up and interact with us like coming down and sitting with me on the couch. However he still screams a LOT, it doesnt matter whether he is in his cage, out of his cage or getting attention or not. He will sit there shaking his wings and screaming for sometimes hours. We ignore him when he screams and as I am home all day I leave the room and dont come back till he stops but nothing is making a difference. I am lost as to what to do as we live in a unit block and also have 2 senior dogs its affecting as well. Please help!
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