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My budgie is very ill and avian vet did not help

My 1 year old male budgie Aleksi suddenly took a bad turn on Saturday. Out of nowhere he started gagging and throwing up white liquid, which later turned into just throwing up whole seeds. I had to wait until tuesday to get him to an avian vet because of memorial day. Those 2 days after saturday were really bad, he barely ate anything and basically was unresponsive to anything i did. His poop was terrible, like a tar color and consistancy.

After dropping him off at the avian vet on tuesday she called me about 10 minutes later and said that he was in pretty bad shape and they were going to start tube feeding him and running tests. Nothing came up in the tests. She thought it might be one of two things, gastric yeast infection or zinc poisoning. I am very careful about metals and dont see how zinc would be it. She then said that overnight if the anti vomit injections did not work then it was probably zinc toxicity.
I get a call in the morning saying that he did fine overnight and that he still wasnt eating on his own but to keep him any longer would be a 975 dollar bill. I would pay that in a heartbeat but i just simply dont have the cash on me at the moment.
I go pick him up and basically his release papers say the diagnosis is up in the air, the tests came back normal and they give me 3 meds to administer at all different times for different durations. Those meds are : amphotericin B, Enfrofloxacin, and metoclopramide. Ive been doing all of them but this morning he started gagging again and even had some liquid come up on my arm when we were laying together. He wont eat, he goes to try but then just rubs his head on stuff like it bothers him to eat. I dont know what to do.
I want to try to feed him with a syringe, give him some strength back. What can i feed him and how much?
I dont want to hurt him but i feel so helpless.
I paid every cent i had to the vet and i feel like they did absolutely nothing for him and gave me nothing to work with.
What can i do for him???
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