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Possibly Sick Parakeet?

Hello there! I'm here on the forum to ask some questions for my mom and about our English Budgie, Sunny. Sunny is about three years old now and has been healthy the whole time that he's lived with us. I think the most abnormal thing about him is that he molts a LOT. I personally don't think its a husbandry issue because he's out several hours a day and my mom cleans everything once a week.

Anyway, my mom has just noticed that he isn't eating as much and his molt seems to be really bad right now. He still sings and talks whenever she holds him, but he just seems generally weaker. He has been eating a lot of dried protein egg food that my local bird store recommended.

I'm mostly concerned because our first parakeet passed away in 2018 (I believe) from what the vets thought was psittacosis or PID, I believe. I have attached a picture of our first bird (I'm not asking if he was sick, I know he was. I'm asking for Sunny) to get some thoughts on it, but it might be difficult to look at for some people, because the eye is very inflamed so please look only if you feel comfortable.

I guess my biggest question is mainly about psittacosis. Can it remain dormant in birds? Do all birds get it in the area? Should I also be worried about my green cheek who is kept in the same room? Is there any sort of treatment to help him, or is this just a bad molt?

After we lost our first bird, my mom doesn't really think exotic vets can do anything sadly, and I've been trying to convince her to go, but I can't do anything about it because I can't drive and don't have the money. I know the best thing to do would be to go the vets but I am so sorry to say that that isn't really an option here. Thank you! I really appreciate any sort of help.

Sunny! This is an older photo, but he isn't really showing any sort of physical symptoms besides a LOT of pinfeathers.

Sky! This image may make people slightly upset, so just be warned!
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