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Re: Possibly Sick Parakeet?

Okay, thanks for all the feedback!! If it's easily curable, I don't think it's psittacosis, I don't remember what the vet actually said the diagnosis was. I don't believe he had a tumor because the eye inflammation started the same time that my first parakeet got sick.
I do use the food that you sprinkle on top of food! Sunny loves it a lot actually. I had never heard that about the live yogurt culture though.
I weigh my green cheek pretty regularly, but I will have to start weighing Sunny too lol. I mentioned it to my mom but I don't think she's taken the time to do it yet.
Our birds get leafy greens/veggies everyday! They go nuts for them!! Sunny especially loves his greens. That's kind of why I'm not thinking its a husbandry issue and perhaps something he's had dormant in him? Bird health issues have always really confused me, and I was just wondering if anyone else had had a similar experience like what has been happening here.
I really, really appreciate that you took the time to respond and answer my confusing post. It means a lot to me! I really love our little guys (and my mom does too! I feel like I may have not painted her in the best light. She just doesn't trust vets with our birds which can be frustrating at times) and they do get good care, which is also why it can be difficult to see why they may not be 100%.
Once again, thanks for helping me out! I'll do more research into psittacosis. I really hope that isn't what it is, but only Sunny is having any issues so I doubt it. Have an amazing day <3
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