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Re: Hawk-Headed Parrot Temperament

Warning, Hawk-Heads are captivating, true charmers if you will.

Be fully aware of them and not-unlike Amazons, they will let you know when you are pushing the edge. Fail their body-language warning and you will be reminded that they have a fully operational can-opener attached to their head and the ability to use it.

The story(s) of being "extremely aggressive at times" is likely due to Humans that have never taken the time to learn their Body Language and/or believe that the Parrots should fully obey the Human! Those who respect their Parrots limits and are an active part of their life rarely have such comments.

Remember that New World Parrots can have serious difficulties during hormonal season and when the rush occurs, they (the Parrot) has no control over it. Silly Humans that stick their fingers in the face of a raging Parrot, IMHO, deserve to be aggressed upon!

The World has far too few Hawk-Headed Parrots IMHO!!!

Any and all omissions and errors will be corrected by Bill and Nike!!!

In each Morning's early light; there is a promise, an Amazon makes!

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