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Re: Hawk-Headed Parrot Temperament

Hawkheads get a bad rap but most of it isn't true. They are territorial but other than that my experience is that they are a sweet, personality-rich parrot. After 5 years mine has a very strong bond with both my wife and I, a bond that was plenty strong within months of rehoming her.

I just watched a video on them recently but I cant find it at the moment and one myth they debunked was that hawkheads were hard to pair up and breed. Apparently some ignorant people tried it early on with no success but this guy claimed reality was quite different.

They are small, usually between 200-300 grams and at their loudest are significantly lower volume and not ear splitting than an Amazon. Nike can be calling right next to me and while loud it does not hurt the least not mine. My OWA was a different story.

As for aggression, I've only noticed defensive aggression. Nike doesn't come after you. and it's funny talking about aggression at all because she has not even been defensive in 4 years. Aside from the very visible body language which includes a menacing stance and characteristic raising of head feathers there is absolutely an audible warning in the form of a cross between loud huffing and hissing as well as growling. If one misses any of those hints then they should find a more suitable profession.

By the way Nike displays all that body language as play now and I love to perch her with her beak right my my face and I give a loud, open mouthed growl to which she mimics it exactly and raises her feathers in a menacing pose. I can get her to do that on que at any time....mimicking sounds real time is one of our favorite play activities.

I've never owned a caique but it is said that young hawkheads play with caiques in the wild and I've seen videos of young birds acting just like caiques.

My hawkhead rehome was and still is one of the best things I've done this decade and I would not trade her for anything.
Bill and Nike,

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